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October 14, 2019 · 3:46 am

Giving Back

I was recently the keynote speaker for a fundraiser benefiting foster youth. The event, held at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, raised $37,900 for Michigan’s Fostering Futures Scholarship Trust Fund. Without family support, many foster youth cannot afford college. Additionally,  even if they find funding to attend, many drop out before completing their degree because they have few supports. Programs that provide financial, practical, and emotional supports to foster youth increase their chances of achieving academic success. If you are thinking about giving back to your community, see how you might support a college success program for foster youth in your area. Helping a former foster youth to avoid becoming another negative statistic, creates a positive change for generations to come.

Helping Foster Youth

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FSM Network Webinar: Meet the Author! L. Jean Feinics

If you can’t make it to my book launch at Totem Books on May 1st, you still have a chance to join in online for a discussion on May 3rd. I will be talking about my experiences as a foster youth and as an individual with a long family history of mental illness with Maddy Day at Fostering Success Michigan. No one is guaranteed a perfect life, but when you face a lot of hardships you can let yourself be beat down, or you can rise up. Learn about finding the strength to rise up and be your own hero.

Click Here to Learn More About the Webinar and to Register

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Everyone Has A Dream

Dreams change over time–sometimes so much, we don’t think we have dreams anymore. When that “thing” we always imagined for ourselves doesn’t happen, we flop down in front of our TV or computer game to forget. The problem is, part of us can’t forget, and deep down we remain dissatisfied that we didn’t reach our goal. But, it’s OK to change our dreams. I didn’t start out thinking I would become a published author, but now here I am about to launch my first book. It took me 15 years to manifest that dream  because I kept thinking I was meant to be a scientist, a teacher, a non-profit CEO–anything but writer. And yet, along the way I found myself choosing to put words to paper instead of numbing myself with distractions. It was a decision to live with intention rather than bumping aimlessly through life hoping somehow I would end up satisfied. I guess what I am trying to say is, “Live your dream, even if it isn’t the dream you first started out with. Live it with intention”.

P.S. Pre-orders for Alternate Ending are now open.

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